Protect Your Privacy, Foil the NSA with Reset the Net Privacy Download

On the anniversary of the first news story based on Edward Snowden NSA leaks, Fight for the Future and other Internet privacy advocates are taking matters into their own hands. Legislators have failed to own up to the illegality of the NSA programs which collect massive amounts of data on all citizens, nor will they protect them from NSA monitoring.

The US government is conducting cyber warfare on its own people and whole populations in other countries around the world with little or no oversight. Thus, people must choose to protect themselves from government and corporate prying eyes.

In this video, cybersecurity professional Ian Schlakman explains why he chose to leave the IT world to run for office in the district of the NSA.

In the video tutorial, you’ll get instructions to install the #ResetTheNet Privacy Download. The instructions take about ten minutes, and installation no longer than 5 minutes for Mac or PC.

– Simple Free Privacy Protection
– How to install step by step instructions
– Tor Project information

The Privacy Download is here:

square-take-backFor more information on how to Reset The Net in your home or office:

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