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DC Media Group is a collective of citizen journalists who joined forces in January 2012. Most of us participated in Occupy DC and took up observing and reporting what we saw and experienced through social media while the movement was at its height.

We weren’t the only ones who adopted the motto, “Don’t hate the media, be the media.” While many livestreamers, bloggers, photographers and others continued to work independently, we’ve tried out what we think is a new paradigm of journalism–unpaid citizen journalists who collaborate in a non-hierarchical collective.

DC Media Group is one strand in a web of independent media. It’s often called alternative media, because there are so few alternatives to corporate media. The agenda of corporate-owned media is necessarily to promote and preserve the hegemony of corporate power and influence.

The aim of DC Media Group, on the other hand, is to cover the issues and events essential to the interests of the people, ones that are ignored or minimally covered in corporate media. The people’s press doesn’t function as a stenographer for the powerful. We don’t participate in corporate media’s echo chamber. Instead, we amplify ordinary people’s voices–particularly the disenfranchised and marginalized–and communicate their stories whenever possible.

We believe there is no such thing as being unbiased. We can, however, aim for balance.